photos courtesy of Terry Bryant
2008 - 22 years of
releasing gamebirds
Chukar  Releases
Thank you, Cade and Ryan!
Thank you, Aaron!
Thanks, Gordon, Rod
and Lee!
Thanks, Bill!
Thanks, Bill!
 After the state game farm shut down, the club leased the grounds in 1987 and began its raise-and-release program.  Club
volunteers raised thousands of pheasant, quail and bobwhite each year; later, we purchased mature birds.  Southview Game Farm
provided us with high-quality birds for many years, until Terri Jackson retired.
 All told, members have released over 40,000 gamebirds to improve brood stock and hunting opportunities in the valley.  As always,
this is made possible by the generosity those attending our annual Chukar Run Banquet
2005 - 625 chukars released