Kittitas County Field & Stream
Since 1919
"Working Today For Tomorrow's Wildlife"
Ellensburg, Washington
Our current projects
Our HISTORY and CONSERVATION web pages outline many of our past projects.  Field & Stream members are proud of our
contributions to the recreation available in the valley.  We're pleased to continue the tradition today.
Big Game Committee - Chair Bill Essman.  WDFW has completed their Colockum Bull Elk Study, with surprising (to them, not us)
findings.   Check WDFW website for hunting prospects
Bird/Winter Feed Committee - Chair Kevin Clements.  WDFW is asking hunters to help collect population data by placing wing/tail of
harvested birds in various bins.  Pushing for a drumming count this spring; it has been many decades since the state conducted such a
count.  Kevin learned the Forest Service and UW also used to do these counts.

CORT - Watch out violators--you never know who is watching you!  This training is a requirement for Master Hunters. Lee is also the
regional Eyes In the Woods CORT coordinator; groups interested in sponsoring a class should contact him at  Visit to find a class schedule and learn more about their work.  CWU added CORT to the Law & Justice curriculum.  Seven
other states are considering implementing a CORT program similar to the one in Washington--kudos to Eyes In The Woods!

Durr Road - Chair Bill Essman.  Many, many thanks to all our volunteers-- The 2016 Clean Up collected 1.5 tons of litter."THANK
YOU!"  to all who come out to help.
  And if you know someone littering any public lands, please ask them to stop.

Fish Committee - Chair Lee Davis.  Worked with KEEN to prevent further erosion of banks by constructing four fishing platforms at
Helen McCabe park.  Volunteers are also graveling trails. Supported creation of another safe take out before the Thorp Diversion Dam--new
WDFW take out site on Old Hwy 10 at mile post 101.  

Hunter Ed Classes - Certified Instructors Deborah Essman, Aaron Kuntz, Bill Essman, Neal Houser, and Lee Davis provide a premier
hands-on learning experience that benefits new and experienced sportsmen and women.  The team's 2017 classes are scheduled for Jan,
Feb and Mar.

Land/Habitat Committee - Chair Bill Essman.     Be sure to get your new Discover Pass if you plan to recreate on DFW, DNR or state
parks.  This fee will provide much needed monies to maintain and improve our public recreation areas.  
Learn more and buy online.  To
recreate on US Forest Service lands, buy a Northwest Forest Pass.  
Learn more.   For Wenas Wildlife Area (Durr Road) target shooting
updates, visit  Plans are to limit shooting areas for safety and littering reasons.  

Life Member Scholarship - Is your high school senior seeking a career in wildlife or habitat research or management?  Have him or her
contact the school career counselor for info on our scholarship.  Congratulations to Mr. Charlie Donahue on receiving our 2016 award.

Membership Committee - Many thanks to all our members.  Without your continued support we couldn't have all our programs to benefit
the wildlife and sportsman and women of Kittitas County.  

Range Committee - Chair Bill Essman/Lee DAvis.  The primary sticking point on this project is finding a suitable site.  The search
continues.  Many thanks to all who have shown support for this effort.

Road Committee - Chair- Bill Essman.  Currently irioning out details and a compromise to the "Green Gate" are just East of the Wild Horse
Wind & Solar Facilty.

Shooting Benches - Sold out.  Many thanks to Dan Nouwens and Bill Essman for spearheading  the effort to put these benches into
production.  Many thanks to Knudson Lumber and Wood Products Northwest for donating materials and services to get the project going!

Yakima River Recreation Maps - Chair Lee  Davis.  The 3rd Edition of our popular map is in stores.  
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