Kittitas County Rivers
Columbia River: Although lightly
fished, a few walleye and smallmouth
bass are available in the Wanapum
Lake area and upstream. Closed to
salmon and steelhead fishing as the
result of ESA listings, unless opened by
emergency rule. Sturgeon fishing in this
area is catch-and-release only.
Teanaway River: The Teanaway is
fair for rainbow trout from June
through August. There are cutthroat in
the upper reaches. Selective gear rules
are in effect, including the North Fork.
This stream and its tributaries are
closed to fishing for bull trout, salmon
and steelhead. June 1 through October
31 open season.
Cle Elum River: This is a very
popular recreational area, with large
campgrounds at Salmon-La-Sac. In
the lower river (below Cle Elum Lake),
expect poor fishing for small rainbow
trout. Effective May 1, 2004, the lower
river is open year-round, with selective
gear rules and catch-and-release only
for trout. The river above Cle Elum
Lake offers small rainbows and an
occasional eastern brook trout. It is
also on selective gear rules between
Cle Elum Lake and the outlet of Hyas
Lake, and retains the June 1 through
October 31 season. Whitefish angling
should be good during the special
December 1 to March 31 whitefish
season between the dam and the
mouth. Check the regulations pamphlet
for whitefish gear rules. The entire river
is closed to fishing for bull trout,
salmon and steelhead.
Yakima River: The Yakima above
Roza Dam is widely considered the
best resident trout stream in
Washington. Best catches are in
March, September and October for
wild rainbows averaging 11 inches; but
larger rainbows in the 13- to 16-inch
range are not uncommon. Fly fishing is
especially good in September and
October. Expect excellent fishing for
eight- to 16- inch whitefish in January
and February. The river is open
year-round between Roza and Easton
Dams, with catch-and-release,
selective gear rules in effect for trout.
During the winter whitefish season, bait
with one single barbless hook size 14
or smaller may be used for whitefish
only. These same rules apply between
Easton Dam and Keechelus Dam,
except that Eastern brook trout may be
kept with no limit. Check the latest
regulations pamphlet for details, and be
sure you can distinguish brook trout
from bull trout before keeping any. The
entire river, including tributaries, is
closed to fishing for bull trout and
The Washington Department of Health
(DOH) has issued this fish
consumption advisory for the Yakima
River due to DDT and DDE
contamination: all anglers are
recommended to limit consumption of
mountain whitefish, common carp,
bridgelip sucker and all bottom fish to
one meal per week. For more
information, contact the DOH Office of
Environmental Health Assessments at
(877) 485-7316 or visit the DOH